Sarah Kroger Challenges Us to Take Up the Cross with "Monument"

Sarah Kroger

Nashville-based Catholic worship leader and songwriter, Sarah Kroger, releases new single Monument. The word monument literally means, "something that reminds." When you live a life that's only possible because of what's been done for you, remembrance is vital! This song challenges us to go beyond what's comfortable, to be honest about our sin, take up our cross, and follow in Jesus' footsteps.

For by the cross I stand as a testament

You made a better life than the one I left

And if I lose my way or if I forget

You left the empty grave as a monument

Kroger, who grew up in Melbourne, Florida, developed a love for music as a child when she began singing in church choirs while following in the steps of her parents who were both music ministers. With a passion to create a safe, prayerful space through her music in which people can encounter the love of God, for the past nine years she leads worship at events around the world, using her talents to draw people together from a variety of cultures and church backgrounds under the banner of Jesus.

Prior to her Integrity Music debut of Bloom, which included Kroger's cover of Amanda Lindsey Cook's well-known "Pieces" featuring Audrey Assad, has released two other albums, Your Time (2011) and Hallelujah Is Our Song (2013), which features "Run To The Cross" and "In The Silence." Light will be her sophomore release with Integrity Music. For more information, visit 

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