Author Ben Young Resources Us with Ways to Encounter Adversity with "Survive the Day"

Ben Young

Bestselling author, pastor and seminary professor Dr. Ben Young releases Survive the Day: Thriving in the Midst of Life's Storms Sept. 1, 2020, from David C Cook. In this practical and transformative resource, Pastor Young shares personal experience, hard-won wisdom and counterintuitive choices for flourishing in life despite heartbreaking challenges and ongoing hardships.

For the past three decades, Pastor Young has worked with families and individuals struggling to cope with the harsh realities of terminal illness, suicide, divorce, addiction, loss, grief and other major life crises. He also knows personally what it's like to endure an ongoing storm. Through his own trials, he has learned to not only survive each dark day, but to live every day in ways that make a person stronger, wiser and more at peace.

"I am a professional crisis manager who works with a team of professional crisis managers. It's what we do, it's what I do," shares Pastor Young. "However, it's one thing to help others deal with a major life crisis; it's an entirely different thing when that life crisis hits your home and your life is shattered into a million pieces.

"During that horrific season of my life I was needy, afraid, unable to make it through a single day without begging someone to help me. I had two different therapists on speed dial. I was desperate. I was drowning. And I had to reach out for help. My goal for several weeks, months and truly years was just to survive the day, one day at a time."

Written from personal experience, Pastor Young's new book begins by dismantling the roadblocks people experience moving forward when faced with overwhelming circumstances and introduces how choices ground one's day in God and His purposes for each life. Unpacking how to make these wise choices on a day-to-day basis, Pastor Young then offers ten essentials to daily survival that are designed to build momentum for positive change.

"We all have our life storms, our crises that qualify us for this Pain Club no one wants to join. We cannot control the storm, but we can control the choices we make that help us survive the storm. This book is about how to survive the day in a way that allows us to draw from the strength and power of God Himself."

For those looking for peace in the midst of crushing adversity, Survive the Day demonstrates how to apply powerful biblical principles to any life crisis. "Once you stop wondering why me? and start practicing humility, grace and surrender, you'll be able to rise above the wildest storm life can throw your way."

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About Ben Young:

Dr. Ben Young is a writer and pastor at Second Baptist Church, a diverse, multi-ethnic church with over 20,000 people attending weekly services online and on six campuses throughout the city of Houston. The author of several books, including Room for DoubtDevotions for Dating Couples and Why Mike's Not a Christian, Dr. Young is also an adjunct professor at Houston Theological Seminary where he teaches homiletics, apologetics and practical theology.

Born and raised in the Carolinas before moving to Texas in 1978, Young was educated at Baylor University, Southwestern Theological Seminary and Bethel Theological Seminary in San Diego. Having hosted a nationally syndicated radio talk show for years and serving as chaplain for the Houston Astros, Dr. Young also enjoys surfing and practicing Brazilian jiu-jitsu.

About David C Cook:

David C Cook is a nonprofit organization dedicated to serving the global Church with life-transforming, Christ-centered materials. Headquartered in Colorado Springs, Colorado-with offices in Illinois, Ohio, Tennessee, and the United Kingdom-David C Cook produces resources that are published in over 150 languages and distributed in more than 170 countries. Originally founded in 1875 as a curriculum publisher, David C Cook now also publishes numerous bestselling books, resources, music (Integrity Music), and media from a variety of award-winning authors and artists. Learn more about David C Cook's mission at



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