DUPREE Releases New Single "Your Way"


DUPREE, the Christian mother and son duo, have released their brand new single "Your Way." The song is about changing your ways and trusting in God's way rather than trying to do it your way. By seeking forgiveness and trusting in Him we can obtain happiness and peace by following the path He has written for us.

DUPREE is an American Christian Pop/Rock band led by Dylan Dupree (son) and Lauren Dupree (mom). The band's positive, upbeat music has elements of heavy pop, rock, harmonies and Dylan's energetic, soulful {left-handed} guitar solos. Lauren & Dylan are both singer/songwriter/producers.

The Dupree family is rooted in the core of their faith and their music. Lauren was raised in East Tennessee where music was an integral part of her life. The musical bond progressed as Dylan and Lauren played music at church for many years. Dylan studied guitar from the age of 7, and has always been passionate to combine his craft with his ministry.

You can stream the single here.


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