DUPREE Opens Up About How their New Album Speaks to Both Believers and Non-Believers


DUPREE (Dylan Dupree, Lauren Dupree) released their Sophomore album Never Forget on Friday, February 12.  The album, which was produced by DUPREE and recorded in their studio, features 11 tracks and a fresh, new sound in the Christian genre. Their previously released singles "Your Way," "Never Forget," and "Mighty" - which are included on the album - are already gaining traction on Christian radio stations around the world.  

21 year old Dylan Dupree's soulful, meticulous guitar solos attach a slew of emotions combined with meaningful, hopeful lyrics that deliver feelings of courage, faith and perseverance.  Most people are not aware at first that Lauren Dupree is Dylan's mother, which adds an unexpected twist to the duo with warm vocals and smooth harmonies, as both mom and son are songwriters and music producers.  This duo is not what you would expect to hear, and it's a brilliant way to connect families together while using their musical gifts to inspire all generations.

From the Never Forget album:

Chapel Song (Old Dirt Road) by DUPREE - Official Lyric Video

Q: Thanks for doing this interview with us. For some of our readers who are not familiar, tell us a little bit about Dupree.

Great to be doing another interview with you! In short, everyone wants to belong so we are a family band that brings people together through our music. We have a wide range of styles in our music and there is something or everyone in our songs and in our lyrics. Our music is relatable and that is what people love most about us besides the electric guitar featured in every song.

Q: How have you been over this pandemic?

We've been great and the blessing that came out it are these new songs. Now we are ready to focus on touring and helping people find joy through our music live & in person! 

Q: Congratulations on the release of your new album, when you were making this record, did you approach the songs differently compared to your first album?

Thanks so much. We did approach this differently than the last record. It is even more up close and personal from our personal  experiences which resonate with our fans. This record is relatable and empowering. Especially those who are feeling rejected or outcasted - even sometimes at your church. As always, we focus on belonging because everyone matters!

Q: Did the two of you co-wrote all the songs together? 

Yeah and it was a really cool experience. If you've never written with your mom before I highly recommend. The Holy Spirit is our co-writer and He gives us all the inspiration that we need to get to the final result. Elton John and Bernie Taupin write very similarly to us where one gets the lyrics and the other does the melody except we switch the roles sometimes.

Q: What were some highlights in the crafting of these songs?

So the highlights were that we were able to express ourselves and our emotions and how we lean on God and put that into an album. It was really how we were feeling at the time and how we have felt in the past. It was really awesome creating the jazz chordal harmonies, especially on our song "Lean In," and the screaming guitar solos emitting so much emotion. As producers that is one of our favorite parts of the process other than the writing itself.

Q:  You mention in your press release that you want to reach non-believers with this album too. How do these songs speak about Christ to the non-believer?

Well we are definitely attracting non-believers with the guitar. But, in addition to that, our lyrics are relatable to everyone and our songs are often cryptic, so we crossover to different genres. When fans dig deeper into our music they see the connection we make in our relationship with God and how He helps us in our lives. We are also very optimistic and that trait helps boost the confidence of all our listeners and, as we have been told over and over again, our music is fun to listen to even for non-believers who we hope to lead to Christ.

Q: How do these songs also speak to believers?

It can enhance their relationship with Jesus and help them to stay positive and never give up on themselves. 

Q: How have these songs deepen your walk with the Lord?

Ironically, we do have a song called "Walking It (World Go By)" on the album. It is about being mindful that we are here to help others with whatever gifts we have been given. These songs have deepened our walk by using music as another form of prayer. To go out and evangelize with our music keeps us focused on what is important in this life so we are not just sitting back and waiting for something to happen but actually going out and doing it. And with God on our side nothing is going to stop us and that is what our music is about. 



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