Soul'd Out Quartet Defines the "Great Life" and Chats About their New Album in this Exclusive Interview

Soul'd Out Quartet

Soul'd Out began as a trio in Georgetown, Ohio in 2001.  Founding member Matt Rankin felt to call to evangelize by taking God's Word through songs to the ends of the earth.  In 2004, they added bass singer Matt Fouch into the line-up forming an all male quartet now known as the Soul'd Out Quartet.  After winning both the Singing News Fan Award for Horizon Group of the Year and's Breakthrough Artist Award, Soul'd Quartet has been a main stay in Southern Gospel music.  Now they are back with their brand new album "Great Life."  

We are so honored to catch up with Soul'd Out Quartet for this exclusive interview.

Hallels:  Thank you for doing this interview.  Congratulations on the release of your new album "Great Life."  What do you think is the take home message of this album that you hope listeners would be able to grasp after listening to it?

We want our listeners to know that Jesus is the answer to life's questions and we believe that when we answer life's question with JESUS, it's a "great life"! 
Hallels:  All of the songs on this new album are written by Matt Rankin.  Why have you decide to cut original songs by Matt rather than including a hymn or a cover?
 We do other albums throughout the year that have hymns and or covers. Matt has been writing songs for the group from the beginning. We want to not only sing great songs but songs that have a personal touch; something straight from the heart. 

Hallels:  I notice that some of the songs such as "Lord You're So Good" are songs directed to God than songs about Him.  They are great for us as fans to worship along with.  Was it a conscious decision to include some songs that are more worshipful in nature?

There are so many great songs that tell a story or that deal with the problems of life. We also want to include songs that are prayers or songs of worship. I think it helps the listener when they "pray" and "worship" along with the songs. It gives them an opportunity to participate in a live concert setting as well as sing along with the recording. 

Hallels:  What is the first single from the album that will be serviced to radio?  For our readers who not heard, tell us what the song is about.

Our first single is called "Hey Everybody". It has a "old time spiritual" feel to it with a modern twist. It features our bass singer Ian Owens. This song says "hey everybody are you going to heaven with me?"  We were singing in WV a couple of years ago. This mentally handicapped young man stood up and said (loud enough for everyone to hear) "hey everybody!!! Are you going to heaven with me?" That night I penned the chorus. The verses came later. 
Hallels:  In a sentence or two, how would define a "great life"?

If it's ok I'd like to answer this question using the chorus of our title cut "What A Great Life":

What a great life, living it with Jesus

His mercies are brand new everyday 

What a great life living it with Jesus 

Walking in his never ending grace 

Just knowing that I'm saved 

Knowing I don't have to fear the grave, 

Salvation now is mine, 

What a great life!

Hallels:  For our readers who would like to purchase the new album or read more about you, where can they go?

iTunes and all major digital stores.



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