Reflection of Glory to Drop Symphonic Metal New Album "Escape The Dream" Jan 31

Reflection of Glory

Reflection of Glory releases new album Escape The Dream on January 31st. For many, Christian metal means metalcore. Reflection of Glory stands out with pure power metal guitars, symphonic style, and unashamedly religious themes. Drawing from the traditions of power and symphonic metal, Reflection of Glory is more than a 'Christian alternative' in the genre: the power and depth of Theocracy meets the sound and style of Kamelot.

Reflection of Glory is a solo project: and music is written, recorded, and produced independently by Barry Dreier. With the release of 'Escape the Dream' (2021), Reflection of Glory takes a great leap forward in the maturation of his own unique flavor of symphonic metal. Guitars are heavier, orchestrations are grander, and thematic ambitions are higher -all while maintaining an unwavering commitment to singing the Gospel.

'Escape the Dream' marks the second independent release, following 'Reborn' (2017), which was Reflection of Glory's first foray into the symphonic metal realm. This latest work is simply the next step in a long journey of musical growth and exploration.

Barry grew up saturated with music in the home, began studying bass guitar at 13 years old, and eventually earned a bachelor's degree in music. Involved in recording and production since high school, Barry has since worked with dozens of artists in the studio.

Eventually, his love for both the classical symphony orchestra and over driven guitars led to the inevitable discovery of symphonic metal.Always anticipating and working towards the next musical endeavor, the next Reflection of Glory production is already in mind. As a solo project, making music of this kind and scale, touring is not presently an option - but Barry keeps a hopeful and optimistic eye towards the future. 

Watch album preview video HERE.

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