Steph Macleod Teams Up with Sandra McCracken for "Christ Our Hope in Life and Death"

Steph Macleod

Steph Macleod's new single "Christ Our Hope in Life and Death" (LISTEN HERE) is a mellifluous masterpiece. Featuring mesmerising harmonies by Sandra McCracken, this song encourages us to reflect upon the everlasting love and hope that Christ provides to us throughout our lives on Earth, and long after we have passed. Steph talks fondly of the day when we will rise and live an everlasting, joyful life with the Lord in heaven. 

Macleod is a Scottish singer-songwriter, worship leader and mental health awareness advocate from Scotland, UK. His music is rooted in the rough and raw experiences that led him to Christ; from broken family relationships to homelessness and addiction, Steph Macleod embodies the reality of God's redemptive and boundless love.

Steph creates a unique sonic experience by mixing underlying folk tones with traditional and contemporary worship infused with Celtic melodies, topped with his dexterous guitar skills and voice charged with emotion and depth. He pulls his audience into an intimate encounter with God as the music reveals earthy sounds and heavenly narratives. With three albums to date and extensive touring and collaborative experience with artists such as Mike Farris, Nathan Jess, Chris McClarney (Jesus Culture), Matt Redman, Rend Collective, and Martin Smith, Steph has been touching hearts around the world with the reaches of God's saving grace. However, the singer-songwriter shares the hope of the Gospel beyond music by engaging with mental health organisations and prison charities, such as Junction42 who have been actively reaching inmates in partnership with Steph during lockdown.

After a family breakdown leading him to find comfort in drugs, Steph ended up living rough on the streets of Edinburgh. On February 13th2006, he found himself in the Bethany Christian Centre, a hostel for people dealing with his kind of circumstances. It was during his eight-month stay there that Steph found both a living faith in Christ and healing through writing music, two things he'd neverexperienced before! Walking free from his destructive past, he went on to get married and start a family, adding another layer of meaning to his powerful song writing. Since then, Steph has never stopped sharing his passion for people and for God through music and mentoring.

He has also had the great honour of being involved with organisations such as Tearfund, IJM, Origin Scotland, Open Doors and The Bethany Christian Trust, and has regularly featured on BBC Radio 2, BBC Songs of Praise and UCB. Steph is part of the Integrity Music family.

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