FREE MOVIE: The Jim Elliot Story

 Jim Elliot Story

From the award-winning Torchlighters: Heroes of the Faith series, The Jim Elliot Story is now available for FREE in a special online event brought to you exclusively by RevelationMedia and our friends at Christian History Institute.

Torchlighters is an action-packed animated series featuring real-life heroes of the faith in a format that is both educational and inspiring for all ages. The Jim Elliot Story shows a man who was committed to seeing the Gospel spread in Ecuador, even though it put him in grave danger. He was well aware of his mortality, as he had two close encounters with death as a young man, so he was even more committed to serving God with his whole life.

God used Jim Elliot's life and death to not only spread the Gospel to the Waodani people in Ecuador, but also as a testimony and encouragement to Christians throughout the ages. Watch his incredible story in this free online event today! 

Simply click the link HERE and watch this episode of Torchlighters. You can share this episode with your friends and family by forwarding this email. Be blessed by Jim Elliot's incredible bravery and ultimate sacrifice and teach your children and grandchildren the importance of boldly following the Lord's call. 

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