FREE MOVIE: The Bible Collection: Jesus


RevelationMedia announces that the new movie Jesus is now available for FREE streaming for a limited time only. Jesus is one of six films from The Bible Collection series that they will be releasing throughout the month of June. Don't miss this powerful story of Jesus, the one who came to save the world through his sacrifice on the Cross.

This is the movie's synopsis: "A carpenter from humble beginnings performed His first miracle when His mother, Mary, asked Him to turn water into wine at a wedding. From then on, Jesus gained followers who were amazed by the healings and miracles He performed, but not everyone was pleased with the authority He commanded over sickness, demons, and sin.

The Son of God would be sentenced to death by His enemies, ultimately rescuing the very people He came to save. Watch the incredible, true story of Jesus Christ, and see how His life, death, and resurrection would forever change the path of all those who believe."  

Don't miss this FREE movie event. You will be inspired and encouraged by Jesus's life and mission to save all people. Watch today and be encouraged in your faith, and grow in your understanding of the Savior of the world. Share this opportunity to watch online with your friends and family, and even your whole church by simply clicking the link here.


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