Joshua Steven Kangley Drops Debut Single "Twenty Miles to Empty"

Joshua Steven Kangley

Singer and songwriter Joshua Steven Kangley has just released his debut single "Twenty Miles to Empty." Watch the lyric video HERE.

"I've been saving money over the last decade to get this song produced and I finally had a chance. So many of us are feeling low and running on empty with the challenges we face today, which makes this song more relevant now than ever. It's a song of Faith and Inspiration and a reminder of who we should turn to for guidance and love." 

Kangley is an emerging song-writer who believes in the power of song and music in the uplifting of our hearts and spirits.  He is also a writer and entrepreneur. Growing up he was influenced by his father who was also an entrepreneur. "I saw the freedom my dad had in being his own boss and that made a huge impression on me and really shaped my outlook on life. My mother also had a very strong work ethic, so she instilled in me early on that value as well. I value time with family and freedom to do the things I really care about. I feel that we all value these things, we just need help to make them a reality." 

Listen on Spotify here:

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