Remember When Kim Hill Released "Brave Heart" 30 Years Ago?

Kim Hill

Remember when Christian singer and songwriter Kim Hill released Brave Heart 30 years ago? Brave Heart is arguably Hill's most successful album. The Reunion Records release peaked at #11 on Billboard's Christian album chart and it produced one of her signature hits "Satisfied."

Listen to "Satisfied" HERE.

In many ways Braveheart is also her crossroads album. By 1991, Hill has already released two albums for Reunion. Though her sophomore album Talk About Life put her on the map with the hit such as the Wes King-composed "Snake in the Grass," Braveheart continues to allow her to establish herself as a bona fide CCM hitmaker. Stylistically, Braveheart continues to allow Hill to explore her rock roots before she turns to secular country music with her next album, 1994's So Far, So Good.

Produced by Brown Bannister and Wayne Kirckpatrick, the album has a polished rock feel not dissimilar to the sounds of albums by Petra and Whiteheart coming out around this time. In terms of songwriting, Kirkpatrick co-wrote 9 out of the 10 songs. Considering that her next album was a secular affair, Braveheart is one of her most Christian-based record. "Words" speak of the power of the tongue to build up or destroy, "Mysterious Ways"  deals with the enigma of God's plans and the smugness of easy-believism is the theme of "Round And Round." 

Track listing:

  1. "Words" (Kim Hill, Gordon Kennedy, Wayne Kirkpatrick) - 3:25
  2. "Satisfied" (Kirkpatrick) - 4:47
  3. "Up in the Sky" (Kennedy, Kirkpatrick) - 2:40
  4. "Mysterious Ways" (Kirkpatrick) - 5:37
  5. "Round and Round" (Hill, Kirkpatrick) - 3:37
  6. "Stop My Heart" (Hill, Kirkpatrick, Chris McHugh, Tommy Sims) - 6:10
  7. "She'll Come Around" (Kennedy, Kirkpatrick) - 3:37
  8. "Don't Face the World Alone" (Karen Peris) - 4:15
  9. "In My Life" (Hill, Kirkpatrick, Sims, Bob Farrell) - 4:55
  10. "I Will Wait" (Hill, Kirkpatrick, Sims) - 2:36



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