Mack Brock Gets to the Heart of His New Duet with Matt Maher

Mack Brock

Singer and songwriter Mac Brock has recently partnered with Worship Together to release his brand new acoustic EP Cafe Sessions. One of the record's highlight is Brock's duet with Matt Maher. "Bless the One" speaks of how God's relentless love for us. The song was written by Brock together with Jason Ingram, Josh Silverberg, and Matt Maher. 

"Bless the One" is an anthem to Brock.  Brock explains: "It's a declaration that though Jesus knew the weight He would have to bare to set His people free  - He still chose to do it. He chose to carry the burden over being separated from us. Our response can't help but be grateful... worshiping our God who rescued us. I loved leading this song along with the legend @mattmahermusic."

From heights of heaven to darkest night

The mission of the Father's heart upon Your mind

Nothing would stop You

Listen to the song HERE.

This new acoustic version has an intimate feel that Brock hopes will draw us closer to God as we worship along with him. "There are voices in this world that want to tell you that things are not going to be okay," shares Mack Brock. "That you need to hustle, strive and work to get your life under control and then maybe things will be okay and God will approve of you. With each hustling step and striving shuffle, the volume of our lives goes up and up to a deafening tone until we choose to turn it down.

We must chose to take our eyes off of the striving and put them onto Jesus, who promises that He is the author AND the perfecter of our faith. There is no need to work to earn His approval as it has been ours for the taking all along. This is why I partnered with Worship Together to make this record. Cafe Sessions is a collection of songs that reconnect with the simplicity of the gospel of Jesus."

Cafe Sessions EP Track Listing:

1. Come Now 

2. Even The Impossible 

3. Song Of Heaven 

4. Prophesy Your Promise 

5. You Reign 

6. Bless The One (feat. Matt Maher) 




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