Tori Harper Tells the Story Behind "Be Like You"

Tori Harper

Franklin, TN-based singer/songwriter Tori Harper has teamed up with Neon Feather for her brand new single "Be Like You." The song is a bright and upbeat declaration of Harper's desire to be like Jesus. Harper describes the song as "epic" and her most personal song to date.

Harper reveals how the song came about: "You know that verse where Jesus talk about taking the log out of your own eye before you tell someone to take the splinter out of theirs? Yeah that's me.

My temper caught up to me before I even realized I had one... you know the verse about the fruits of the Spirit? That's what I'm trying to be, more like Jesus. I'm grateful to God that he shows me my failings so I can understand how much grace I've been given and so I can run from them and into His arms."

Furthermore, Harper reflects upon the Neon Feather's involvement on the song. "Working with @neonfeathermusic was an absolute dream! I've been fangirling over his music since I was 13! So gratefulthat God made this dream a reality!" 

Slow to anger, quick to love You are,

You are And I wanna be Gentle, patient,

generous You are, You are

And I wanna be Like You, like You, like You

I wanna be Like You, like You whoah I wanna be 

You can download or stream "Be Like You" here.

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