Tasha Layton Helps Us to Fight Accusations with New Song

Tasha Layton

Worship leader and BEC Recordings artist, Tasha Layton returns with one of her most important songs in her career. "Look What You've Down" is a worship anthem that reminds us that Christ has removed all our guilt and shame. We do not need to let the accusations of the past haunt us anymore. You can download/stream the song here.

Accusations like "you're not good enough," or "you really messed that up" or "how could you have done that?" no longer have power in the light of what Christ has done on the cross. Layton writes: "Accusation is a tool used to bind us and keep us from being who God made us to be. But the good news of the Gospel is THIS...  It's doesn't matter what we've done! All of humanity falls short.  No matter how deep our sin goes, God's love goes deeper. 
So when a finger is pointed at you trying to shame you (even your own)... lift your head and proclaim His truth over your life, whatever that might be." 

Look what you've done
How could you fall so far?
You should be ashamed of yourself
So I was ashamed of myself

The lies I believed
They got some roots that run deep
I let 'em take a hold of my life
I let 'em take control of my life

Standing in Your presence, Lord
I can feel You diggin' all the roots up
I feel Ya healin' all my wounds up
All I can say is hallelujah

Watch the lyric video here.

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