Sansone Offers a Window into His Life with "Way Up Above"


Christian hip-hop artist Sansone has released his new EP Way Up Above. The 7-song EP is a labor of love and it's also Sansone's own testimony cast in songs as he tells us of how God has saved him from his troubled children,one that was littered with pain. Drug abuse, broken relationships, and tragedy were a constant presence in his family as he witnessed the fragility of humanity at a young age. 

Sansore calls the EP a "window into his life." He writes, "I can't believe we are finally here. In the months putting this EP together I have learned more about myself than I ever thought. Not just from the perspective of a musician, but as a man of God. Way Up Above is about my journey of finding peace and clarity with God above the clouds rather than always running through them."

Watch the video of "Jump" here.

Instead of resorting to anger and despair at his troubled childhood, Sansone turned to music. He dove into hip-hop after noticing the vulnerability rappers were able to present in their songs. At age 16, he began to write his own lyrics and built a catalogue of tracks displaying his storytelling talent. After losing both of his parents to illness by 22, Sansone felt that something was missing in his life. After searching, he found that missing "something" in his newfound relationship with God.

Music immediately became Sansone's lifeline and his first response to anything he had to face in his life. Soon, he discovered the potential to help people through his music and how it could play a part in people's healing, the same way it did on his own. This is one of the most beautiful yet halting things Sansone discovered in his journey as an artist. Eventually, he found himself "writing prescriptions" with each lyric and lost touch with a lot of why he fell in love with music in the first place. After taking time to reflect, Sansone was brought back to purpose. 


01. Jump
02. Pocketchange
03. With Me Now
04. Foolproof
05. One Time
06. Maverick
07. Way Up Above 

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