NEDY Says No to Bullying with the Autobiographical "Made to Be"


After years of being bullied, Nedy has decided to stand up against bullying with her new inspirational single "Made to Be." The song, which is based on Nedy's own experiences, speaks of how we do not need to feel inferior to others because each one of us is uniquely created by God. 

Nedy shares on social media, "I am so blessed and hope that my story will reach and inspire the world to be who each and every one of you were MADE TO BE.  In a world where bullying is unfortunately still such a huge reality, I want to encourage people to love one another.

Despite how they look or dress, we all have innate value as human beings and we are each precious in the sight of God. Through "Made To Be" and my anti-bullying non-profit cause, Friends Forever Club, I hope to impact the world with the message of purpose and value."

The music video features Nedy showing a child that the opinions of her bullies are inferior and that she should feel comfortable in the skin that God gave her. This is a lesson that, if learned at a young age, can be prevented and not carry on to adulthood.  

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