JARRYD Captures Their Heart's Cry with "You + Nothing Else"


JARRYD is a musical project spearheaded by Jarryd Foreman, current Worship Leader and Director of Development at The Austin Stone. The band is part of Austin Stone Worship and they do  lead worship at the Austin Stone Community Church's North congregation in Round Rock, TX. JARRYD comprises of Jarryd Foreman (lead vocals, keys, guitar), Jeremy Andrew (guitar), Will Scott (bass), and Zach Solomon (drums). However, with their own music, their songs tend to be more personal and reflective.

"Our goal isn't really to write church music or get played on the radio," JARRYD reveals. "Our goal is to create a catalog of songs that have played a vital role in our lives personally. We believe that as worship leaders we lead people where we have been - into the presence of God - and we hope that our songs can help people get there." 

They have recently released their new song "You + Nothing Else.""This song has been so fun to write, arrange and record as a band because it's the cry of our hearts and a true testimony of what we are all about. The truest joy any of us can have is found in God's presence. There are so many things in this world that seek to draw our attention away from God but in His kindness He reminds us over and over that to have more of Jesus is everything that we need. Him + Nothing Else = Everything. We pray this song is an encouragement to you today!"

To stream/download the new single, click here.


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