Greg Laurie's "New Believer's Bible" Sells Over 10 Million Copies


Greg Laurie's "New Believer's Bible NLT" has received the Evangelical Christian Publishers Association's (ECPA) Diamond Award after selling 10 million copies. "New Believer's Bible" was first released in 1996 and was most recently updated in March 2020. It was designed for individuals new to the Christian faith and includes resources to help these individuals grow and further understand the Bible.  

The latest edition of the book includes additional commentary, new topics and updated language. Tyndale has also put together a related YouVersion reading plan, "New Believers: 7 Steps for New Christians." Harvest has also created a free online course for new believers built on the New Believers Bible content, the "New Believers Online Course." 

"Almost twenty years ago, thanks to my friends at Tyndale, I had the honor of digging through God's Word and, by way of notes and sidebars, leading an upstart believer through the twists and turns and truth of this amazing book," said Pastor Greg Laurie, General Editor of the New Believer's Bible. "That edition of the New Believers Bible has sold more than 10 million copies worldwide." 

"Now there's a brand new revised and updated edition of the 'New Believer's Bible' available," added Laurie. "And not only does it include my original notes, but I've added many new ones to help today's readers better understand the power of the incredible story of creation, the fall of mankind and redemption through Jesus Christ found throughout its pages. I could not be more grateful for the chance to introduce this Bible to a new generation . . . of new believers."

Copies of Pastor Greg Laurie's "New Believer's Bible" can be purchased through AmazonTyndale or the Harvest store.



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