Steph Macleod Honors Bethany Christian Trust with "Amazing Grace/He is Lord"

Steph Macleod

Steph Macleod is a Scottish singer-songwriter, worship leader and mental health awareness advocate from Scotland, UK. Macleoad has partnered with Celtic Worship and friends to released a stunning medley of "Amazing Grace/He is Lord." The song was recorded for the National Day of Prayer for Scotland, 2021. Proceeds from the single will go to Bethany Christian Trust, an organization that took Macleod in when he was a homeless drug addict years ago. 

"I had the honour of arranging and recording my two favourite hymns for the National Day of Prayer for Scotland, 2021," Steph reveals. "This mass collaboration saw 40+ people (Celtic Worship, singers, musicians, worship leaders, churches and charitable organisations) come together online to sing over our nation as we prayed for each other and for Scotland. 'Amazing Grace /He Is Lord' will be released as a charity single in support of The Bethany Christian Trust:" 

Rewind the clock back to February, 2006, Steph Macleod was a homeless drug addict wondering on the streets. Later, he found himself in the Bethany Christian Centre; a 17 bed hostel for homeless men with addiction problems. He had previously been living rough on the streets of Edinburgh where he begged to feed his alcohol and drug addiction. Before entering the Bethany Centre Steph had broke contact with his friends and family, had been banned from homeless hostels, and was waking up every other day in hospital due to the severity of which he drank. He was told by medical professionals that death was inevitable if he continued to abuse himself in such a manner.

Desperate but unable to rid himself of his addiction Steph found out about the Bethany Christian Centre through his GP. Steph had once been a promising classical guitar student at the Royal Scottish Academy of Music and Drama, but personal problems stemming from his teenage years led to mental health problems. Steph found sanctuary in alcohol and drugs.

These problems continued to grow and grow until they consumed him and became his sole priority in every aspect of his life. During his 8 month stay at the Bethany centre Steph began to address his reasons for drinking and taking drugs. It was during this time that he also found the saving grace of Jesus Christ! Things started to change dramatically in his life. In Steph's own word's, "I cried out to God in my darkest hour. I asked Him to save me. I asked for a life worth living. God answered big time!" 

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