Midiboy Re-Imagines His Biggest Songs on New Project


Midiboy, fronted by Gregg Hart, is releasing Reimagined this Friday (July 2).  Reimagined is a "Greatest Hits" album of a different type. Rather than just a compilation of Midiboy's greatest hits with just a fresh coat of remastering paint, he completely reimagined them, reworking them from the ground up, re-recording everything as if they were brand new songs.

The style has been updated to a more modern sound, without losing the original character of the songs. There is also a brand new song called "A Wretch Like Me" which was inspired from one of his Kickstarter backer's own personal story. 

"After I released "Revitalized" (a remake of the first Midiboy album, "Midi Life Crisis")," Hart revealed. "I was so happy with how it turned out, I thought it would be fun to release a redo of some of my other favorite songs. So, I decided to redo 5 songs each from "Synthpops," "Rejuvenate," and "RE:boot" and call the project "Reimagined."  This isn't just a greatest hits album by any means.  The songs are significantly different than the originals. One song got a whole new name and all new lyrics. (Used to be "You Hate Me" and is now "The War Within.")  Several other songs got lyrical tweaks to update them, and all of them got "reimagined" into something new.  Thus the new album title: "Reimagined." The album clocks in at over 70 minutes long and is full of some of the catchiest music you may hear. " 

Midiboy is a hybrid rock / electronic artist and released his first album in 1998 called "Midi-Life Crisis." Since that release, his style has progressed from Synthpop to Hybrid Rock (which is a fusion of electronica and hard rock).  He has had several top ten songs on Independant Christian radio, with "I'm A Pop Star" being #1 for 10 straight weeks.

Here's the track list:

1. I'm a Pop Star

2. My Life

3. Can You

4. Paid Ad

5. Who Will

6. Hell is for Good People

7. Promisenot

8. The Path

9. Cannot Look Away

10. The Perfect Circle

11. The War Within

12. Where Would I Be

13. Reboot

14. Restore Me

15. Back in the Box

16. A Wretch Like Me

To find about more about Midiboy, click here

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