"Creatr:" A New Streaming Platform for Worship Music


Today marks the launching of a new streaming worship platform named "Creatr." It is a resource hub filled with incredible teaching from leading creative and worship voices in the Church, including Hillsong's Brooke Ligertwood, UNITED's Tanya, Phil Wickham, Tasha Cobbs Leonard,  Cody Carnes, Jonas Myrin, Jackie Hill Perry, Brandon Lake, Chandler Moore, and many more. 

Membership includes full access to our entire catalogue of courses, classes, conversations, and even more content that will come to the platform in the future, taught by world-class instructors with the highest level of expertise.

Each course includes around 5-10 video lessons that are around 10 minutes long on average. There will also be downloadable digital workbooks with each corresponding course, as well as conversations between our creators and classes that help you get practical in the areas you're wanting to grow.

Brooke Ligertwood writes,"@creatr is here! Prayed over, laboured over, united around and poured out with YOU at the forefront of our minds and hearts, for the glory of God in HIS Church! We're just getting started!

We built this platform to serve individual creatives, worshippers and church teams through courses, classes and conversations from the leading voices in worship and creativity. Our heart is to serve YOU with resources that are produced with prayerful and uncompromising excellence. And our prayer is that you would grow, up-skill, and be released into all that God has for you. He's placed a purpose on YOUR life." 

To find out more, click HERE.



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