Jillian Edwards Captures Our Need for Spiritual Intimacy with "Quiet Talk"

Jillian Edwards

Singer/songwriter Jillian Edwards returns with her brand new single "Quiet Talk." Written and produced by Edwards and Jacob Scooter, "Quiet Talk" expresses our need for intimacy with God and the sweetness that comes with communicating with Jesus. 

Edwards shares, "There is nothing sweeter than the whispered conversations that happen when my daughter is facing me, letting me hold her, our foreheads pressed together, and she lets me hear her little voice and her little thoughts. My arms are her safe place to speak and listen and it doesn't have to make sense or be anything in particular - just to hear her words, jumbled and mumbled, is music to my ears.

⁣⁣It's less about what we're saying and more that we're saying anything at all. This quiet talk is a treasure and I can't help but relate it to the inner conversations with God and his own children. To be in divine conversation. Holy intimacy. To press my forehead to his and speak and listen and be. It is truly the greatest thing I'll ever do."

You pull me in, my face in Your tender hands
I don't need the thunder, I don't need a sign
I just need a moment, just You and I

For a quiet talk, I am aching for this quiet talk
All of Your attention and You have all of mine
I am aching for this quiet talk, quiet talk 

"Quiet Talk" is available now to download or stream. 

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