Sandra McCracken to Release a Three-Song Deluxe Single "Devotion"

Sandra McCracken

Prolific songwriter, modern-dayhymn writer, and record producer Sandra McCracken will be releasing a new deluxe single "Devotion" this Friday (Sept 10). The new record will feature three songs, "The Love of Christ is Rich and Free," "We Will Feast in the House of Zion," and "I Will Sing."  McCracken recorded these songs live with a piano accompaniment at the Laity Lodge, a beautiful retreat centre in the hill country of Texas.

These songs for the church are deep and rich. McCrackem's distinctive voice singing the hymn 'The Love of Christ Is Rich and Free,' and her songs 'We Will Feast In the House of Zion,' and 'I Will Sing' capture well the artist's hope that her gifts and story would be used as a conduit of seeing God as the most faithful, steady Presence we can know.

'Devotion' will be followed by more recordings from Laity Lodge in the coming months, including a companion EP in October which features duets with some incredible musicians and friends of Sandra McCracken's.

Moreover, McCracken will be releasing her first book Send Out Your Light, through B&H Publishing, on September 28, in the midst of the two EP releases this autumn. Bearing witness to how Scripture is soaked through the very fabric of this life, Send Out Your Light is full of reflections on songwriting, creativity, lament and joy.

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