Caroline Cobb Talks About Her New Song "Find Rest (Matthew 11)"

Caroline Cobb

Acclaimed singer, songwriter Caroline Cobb has recently released her brand new worship tune "Find Rest (Matthew 11)." The song is taken from Cobb's new Integrity Music album King & His Kindness, which will be released on Oct 1. 

Featuring Taylor Leonhardt of Mission House, "Find Rest" puts to music Jesus' invitation in Matthew 11:28-30 to come to him for rest. Cobbs reveals, "(The song) is a kind invitation from Jesus to rest from our striving. I can wear myself out trying to meet every standard, or keep everyone happy. But my self-sufficient striving is not in line with the good news of Jesus.

I wrote this song to remind myself and others that Jesus invites us to trust His gentle and lowly heart, to trade in the heavy yoke of legalism or selfishness and take His light and easy one instead, to let Him walk beside us and lead us all the way home. If you are weary, I pray this song will minister to you and that you'll accept Jesus's invitation."

As for the new album, the focus will be on Jesus. "My last three albums were more sweeping and panoramic, taking a wide-angle view of the biblical Story, tracing a theme all the way from Genesis to Revelation. Over the past few years, I've been eager to zoom in, to get up-close to the person that the whole Story hinges on: Jesus," shares Cobb.

"He had a real life and lived with real people, teaching about his kingdom, showing compassion, turning over tables. He is not a concept or an idea, but a person whose life demands a response."With all that's going on in the world and in the Church right now, my prayer is that these songs will have a re-centering effect, bringing us home to Him," continues Cobb. 

About Caroline Cobb:

In 2011, singer-songwriter Caroline Cobb gave herself a goal to write a song for every book of the Bible in a year. That year of writing set in motion a passion to tell the stories of scripture through music, with imagination,artistry and faithfulness to the text.Her forthcoming album, A King & His Kindness, zooms in on the person of Jesus and builds on her previous Story-telling projects A Seed, A Sunrise(2020), the Blood + the Breath(2013) and a Home & a Hunger(2017), the latter being named among "The Best Albums of the 2010s" by The Gospel Coalition. Featured by Christianity Today, The RabbitRoom, The Gospel Coalition, Doxology & Theology, Risen Motherhoodand more, Cobb has been compared to Rich Mullins, Andrew Peterson, Sandra McCracken and Ellie Holcomb. She and her husband live in Dallas, TX with their three children Ellie, Harrison and Libby. 

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