Zach Williams' Guitar Technician, Mike Rickerby's Mother Dies

Rickerby Family

Mike Rickerby, Zach Williams' guitar technician, has announced that his mother Eileen has died on September 18. She died as a result of the complications associated with contracting COVID-19. This was extremely sudden and unexpected. 

When Mike first learnt about his mother's passing, he was on tour with Zach Williams. Mike received the call no one wants to receive. Eileen was found at home without a pulse. Paramedics were able to regain a heartbeat, but she never regained the ability to respond or breathe on her own, and on September 18th tragically passed away. Mike was able to get on the next flight home just in time to hug his mom, one of his biggest supporters, one last time.

Zach Williams informs, "Recently, our guitar tech Michael received a text in the middle of our show that his mother was rushed to the hospital and in very serious condition. Thankfully, Michael was able to fly home the next day and say goodbye before she passed away. Will you join us in praying for peace for his family? There is a campaign to help cover some of their expenses during this difficult time. I know times are tough right now, but if you're able to help someone very dear to us, any amount is appreciated."

Let's come together to support and lift Mike and his dad up during this heavy time. Funds will go to cover medical and funeral costs as well as allowing Mike to take time off the road to grieve and be with his dad. To help the family in their time of need, you can go to: 

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