Out of the Dust Hope New Single Will Help Struggling Couples Heal and Restore

Out of the Dust

Husband-and-wife duo Out of the Dust, comprised of Chris and Stephanie Teague, have released their brand new single "Fall Back in Love." Out of Dust hope this new song will help couples struggling in their relationships to heal, reconcile, and restore.

The duo write, "Y'all, relationships are hard. We get that more than most (just look up our divorce/remarriage story and you'll see what we mean). So we wanted to write about the struggles that real couples face. The recognition that things aren't so great. The longing to get back to where you were before.Believing that it's worth the work.

And friends, it's worth the work. We've been there. We have seen what can happen when 2 broken people choose each other every single day, flaws and all. We've seen God revive our dead marriage. We pray this song will be an encouragement for you on your journey, whether you're a newlywed, you've been married for decades, or are hoping to be married some day. "

The duo first made headlines in 2017 with their self-titled debut (Discovery House Music). The album was birthed from a difficult and raw time in their lives, including a separation, divorce, and eventual remarriage. Their lyrics addressed not only the pain and reality that life brings, but the hope and healing that Jesus offers. And the songs quickly resonated with listeners, who in one way or another, could identify with one or more of the challenges we all face. 

You can download or stream "Fall Back in Love" HERE.

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