Grove Worship Hopes to Foster Better Worship with "Render"

Grove Worship

Grove Worship has released their brand new album Render. Gove Worship is the worship ministry of Grove Church based in San Diego, CA. Stepping outside the box of traditional Christian music, Grove Worship maintains a fresh, unique, and authentic feel-good sound.

Worship leader, Caleb Hoffman, states, "We want to partner with God and His vision for the Church. We believe that there is no ceiling to the power that music can have on people's lives. Our vision and prayer is that we would see countless people learning how to better worship the Creator through our music. Ultimately, we hope that Grove Worship's music draws people to Jesus' feet and helps them get to know their Father in a new way."

Render is preceded by the album's single "Miracle Away." Hoffman has this to say about the song, "`Miracle Away' is an emotional song that is written from the perspective of a person desperate for breakthrough, asking God for a miracle. The music, chords, the instrumentation, sounds, and structure are all tied into this idea of waiting, believing, and having faith that there is a better future on the way."


1 Stood In My Place
2 Fresh Encounter
3 Nothing But The Blood
4 Just Hold On
5 Miracle Away
6 Lost & Lonely
7 Turn Your Eyes Upon Jesus
8 Anthem Of My Heart
9 I Wanna Rest

Grove Worship released their first EP, called "Victory," back in 2017. Their first full-length album, released in 2018, was a live recording titled "The Dream Project". Also in 2018, they hosted their first worship concert outside the church walls atop San Diego's Mt. Helix amphitheater. They began doing Christmas outreach events, with Grove Church, in 2010 and have done them annually ever since. Their most recent event, also at Mt. Helix, took place at Christmastime in 2020, drew over 1,200 people, and was covered by local news media for being one of the few large-scale public concerts during the pandemic. 

To purchase/download/stream the album, click HERE.

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