Gungor Releases Two Worship Singles Despite Frontman Embracing Atheism


Gungor has just released two worship singles "Feel The Moment" and "Everything Is Hallelujah," both of which are taken from a forthcoming worship album. Despite frontman Michael Gungor's claim that he has rejected Christianity and that he has embraced atheism, the band is releasing a worship album. 

Michael Gungor reveals that though his faith has had gone through its ups and downs, even to the point of rejecting God. However, he has finally realized he still loves God. He explains, "Sometimes you have to leave the house to find home, and I've certainly done my fair share of moving houses. From the "Friend of God" early 2000's version of worship leader Michael Gungor, to the "let's learn how to use Pro Tools" Michael Gungor Band, to the "oh no, I'm not sure God is real" of early Gungor, to the "I don't want to sing about Jesus anymore" universalism of the last few years of Gungor, it was quite the journey. We saw a lot. We felt a lot. And eventually, we felt like we needed to lay it all down and walk away to make room for something new.... And through all of it, here's what I've discovered: I really love God."

Michael shared. "In fact, God is, in a way, the only thing I love because I see God as love. It is God I love when I love my girls. It is God I love when I let go to experience the fullness of the sensations, pleasures, and desires of being alive in and as a body. And when I think about what I want to spend my creative energy on, it's expressing and enjoying the full spectrum of my love of God."

The Gungors will be releasing a new worship project with Gungor called Revival. "I don't think worship should just be for church folks," he continued. "It shouldn't just be for those who believe this thing or that. Worship is for everyone." 

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