J. Crum and Gerry Skrillz Remind Us of the Transient Nature of this World with "Not Mine"

J. Crum and Gerry Skrillz

J. Crum and Gerry Skrillz have teamed up to release their brand new single and video "Not Mine." The song speaks of how this world and its treasures are only temporary and they are not ours to keep forever. Produced by Marvs,the song shows the contrast in styles from the two emcees.Crum has been on the path of a true rising star and is not showing any signs that he is slowing down any time soon. While Skrillz continues to carve his own lane after the release of his latest project Sainthxxd. The combination of the emerging artists proved to be a success with this brand new release. 

"I've been MIA on this social media thing for a minute now," confesses Crum. "There are some areas in my life where I can't ever hit pause and I'm ok with that. My three beautiful children and those I am fortunate to serve depend on me to be who God made me to be for them. But then there are other areas in my life that I willfully give a significant amount of my time and myself to as well.

I made a healthy decision to bring these to a temporary stand still. I've learned that I can't continue grow without stoping to reflect on the accurate condition of my life and character. Purging what doesn't belong, making the necessary changes, and leaving what I can't control in God's hands. I refuse to continue to move a million miles an hour, piling more achievements in order to cover up what is hurting me and slowly robbing me of my peace. I know that the world will have its fill of robbing peoples joy, peace, and hope but #NOTMINE ! I love & appreciate each one of you that has supported me. "

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