Sara Groves Returns with the Reflective "What Makes It Through"

Sara Groves

Singer and songwriter Sara Groves returns with her 14th album What Makes It Through on Nov. 12. This is the first time Groves produced an album all by herself. Featuring 9 new compositions, all co-written by Groves, the album is reflective, thoughtful, and it's also Groves most personal album to date.

Groves speaks about what the album's about. "What do we remember, what do we forget, and what do we memorialize? How can we move toward each other when we have different versions of what happened? We are imperfect witnesses to our own lives and histories, and in the end, it is really difficult to tell ourselves the truth. Working on both the interpersonal and communal level, the songs of 'What Makes It Through' speak to the hard work of what it means to arrive at something like truth and reconciliation. 

In the book Remains of the Day by Kazuo Ishiguro, the butler Stevens is reflecting on the butlers code that defines the worth of his work by the greatness of the man he has served all of his life. Late in life, the cracks are forming - maybe the man he served was not great, but was deeply, even criminally flawed. I have people close to me who have felt something similar when the church leader they were following was exposed for abuse of people or of power. What do you do when the person that was supposed to be sowing wheat was sowing weeds? No answers here, just cheering on the hearts that are finding a way forward. I see your brave work." 

Groves also reflects on her role as producer. "I self-produced for the first time, and it was not like any album I've made before. We had a couple of 'regular' tracking days later on in the process, but mostly tracks were initiated at home, and traveled around the country collecting parts. I am extremely grateful for all of these friends who joined in!"

Instead of the usual jewel case or sleeve, the album come in a beautifully designed deluxe CD BOOK. The inside pages contain so many behind the scenes photos, all the chord charts and lyrics, and more! 


1. Soul of Things

2. Cheslshire Cat

3. Deal Breaker

4. Rendezvous

5. Remains of the Day

6. Telltale Heart

7. Reach Inside

8. Nothing

9. Loving a Person

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