World-Renowned Illusionist Danny Ray Chats About Magic, Marriage, and His New Book

Danny Ray

Danny Ray is best known as a world-renowned illusionist with an upcoming appearance on a large competition reality show.  He performs mind-blowing tricks with life-changing messages. Now he is pulling back the curtain on how to have a great marriage and is releasing the book No, I Can't Make Your Wife Disappear: A Magician's Guide to a Magical Marriage (Iron Stream Media, Nov 16, 2021).

Ray has been performing his signature jaw-dropping illusions for nearly three decades. He has performed in almost all 50 states. He also has visited 21 different countries, performing for churches, organizations, and businesses. Danny is regularly featured at the world-famous Magic Castle in Hollywood, California.

He also is a pastor, with a Master's degree from Fuller Theological Seminary. He was a full-time youth pastor for more than ten years and continues to work and partner with local churches and ministries around the country. Danny's heart is to communicate God's Word, using the skills of illusion that he has developed through years of practice and performance to impact the lives of others.

Passionate about speaking and preaching, Danny and his wife Kimberly love to help couples develop stronger relationships. They have been married for twenty-five years, have three children (two in college), and have faithfully navigated the ups and downs of marriage. Their story is compelling, and when combined with Danny's magic and the life-changing message of the Gospel, it is truly inspiring. 

Q: Danny, thanks for doing this interview with us. Congratulations on the release of your new book, what's the relationship between magic and marriage?

When I think of magic it conjures up images of childhood wonder. Seeing fireworks for the first time-MAGIC! Seeing the sunset over the Pacific-MAGIC. Your first kiss-MAGIC. A great marriage is dreamt about by those who say "I do". A marriage where you dance, play, and go through the deepest struggles with your best friend. The relationship between marriage and magic is simply that we all want to experience the wonder, the joy, the "magic" of a great marriage!

Q: Why did you decide to write a book on marriage? 

My wife and I just celebrated 25 years! We have been to a ton of marriage conferences, read a bunch of books, and have done a lot of pastoral counseling. A few years ago we made it a goal to pack as many of the practical strategies that we have learned and put those into a book. 

Q: Can you briefly talk about your own marriage?

My wife and I met our freshman week of college and we fell in love. We graduated one weekend, got married the next, and two weeks later moved to Colorado to start my Masters of Divinity program. She has been the love of my life. We have had plenty of ups and downs but we stay on the same page every day. We love dating, working together, and enjoying life together.

Q: What do you think are key areas of discord in most marriages?

Communication, sex, and money. This isn't a surprise. We address all three of these in the book and try to give practical strategies on overcoming the difficulties of married life. We can easily get stuck in patterns that are unhealthy but we can also choose to break the cycle and deal with the discord in our marriages.

Q: How do you think are the solutions?

I don't think we have all the solutionsby any means. What I do know is that we have picked up lots of helpful ideas that may help a couple to get a little further down the road. For example, in my chapter on mind-reading, I talk about how to understand your spouse so that you can read his or her mind. God is in the business of doing the impossible in and through us and as we come to Him he will unlock the solutions that we need to have a healthy or better marriage.

Q: What are some takeaways from your new book?

Chapter one deals with focus. This is the beginning because what we focus on changes the outcome. If we are constantly talking negatively about our marriage/spouse, it will be hard to see the good things that are going on in the context of your marriage. Focus matters. Communication is the key that unlocks the door to experiencing your best marriage possible. The sooner you communicate in a loving, healthy, and respectful way, the better your marriage will be. We talk about conflict and how to engage in such a way that you both win instead of both losing. Like a magician you want to experience "over-the-top" moments in your marriage. Learning to be intentional and planning leads to experiencing magic in your marriage. As you create magic in your marriage, you will be a blessing to many people around you. 

Q: You are an illusionist, pastor, and author, how do you balance your time between the three?

Everything flows out of my relationship with God. I start the day early before everyone is up. I pray, read God's Word and ask this simple question, "God what do you want me to do today?" That sets the balance for everything in my life.

Q: I believe you also bring in the Gospel message in your magic shows. How do you integrate the Gospel with your shows? 

Romans 11:29 says, "God's gifts and his call are irrevocable." I have been called to share the message of Christ and He has given me this gift of sleight of hand. It is my joy to combine these two. My commitment is to take the best magic I can possibly do and combine that with the best message possible. The show is meant to be a lot of fun but I also want moments in the show that make you think and ponder the wonder of God.

Q:  Where can our readers go if they want to see your shows?

Most of the shows we do are private conferences, camps, and churches. However, if they go to the website or on any of the social networks, including Instagram, Facebook, TikTok, Youtube my handle is @dannyraymagic .




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