Get A Signed Copy of Philippa Hanna's "Known" Before Christmas

Philippa Hanna

UK worship leader and songwriter Philippa Hanna will be releasing her new book Known on February 1st, 2021. In Known, Hannh brings along her readers along  a journey to healthy self-image, acceptance, and full appreciation of your God-given, beautiful identity. In a society that places increasing importance upon likes, follows and shares, Philippa takes you on a journey to explore what gives you your true value as you discover what God has to say about you and what it means to be truly Known by Him.

Hanna further explains, "In the book we dive into subjects like beliefs, values, relationships, beauty & self-worth, using stories, exercises, and prayer to navigate the journey. We tackle the effects of things like Social Media and Cancel Culture on our sense of identity, so I'd say it's a valuable read for the young people in your world. I had to take a deep breath to write about physical intimacy - the importance of knowing your value and making healthy choices (suitable for 11+). I've shared some of my own story which wasn't easy, but I'm super confident these words will set people up to win!

Now is a confusing time to be alive. There are so many demands on our attention, so much distraction and so much political noise. There has never been so much pressure to look a certain way, know what's important to you and stand up for what you believe. But with so many external voices telling us who to be, how can we discern what's right for us? How can we tune into the voice of our creator and figure out who we are in Him?

In this book I've pulled together exercises, scriptures prayers and stories to help you figure out the unique passions, values, gifts and experiences that make you, YOU.
I created the book to help you realise and celebrate that you're unique, valuable and meant to be here!" 

You can now pre-order the book and if you do that before Christmas you will get a guaranteed SIGNED COPY! To pre-order, click HERE.

Hanna is an established UK singer-songwriter, whose independent career span over 17 years and culminated in her signing a recording contract with Integrity Music, marking the upcoming release of her first ever worship project. Her music frequentlydraws upon her experiences of a turbulent youth and the Christian faith she found in 2004, crafting songs that ooze with honesty, authenticity and vocals that are as powerful as they are heartfelt.

Philippa Hanna is recognised as a leading light in the Christian & Gospel scene in Europe and has a lot of experience in the mainstream music industry. Beyond being a gifted writer, worship leader and storyteller, Philippa Hanna has been invited to open tours for household names including Lionel Richie, Little Mix, Leona Lewis, Wet Wet Wet and Anastacia, highlighting the broadness of her appeal. Her new album 'Stained Glass Stories' unveils a new soundscape of worship pulled up from the ground of life experience. Her last two records took the Official Christian &Gospel Charts #1 spot, with 'Come Back Fighting' peaking at #10 on the Official Country Chart.  



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