FREE MOVIE: Max Lucado's "Christmas Child"

Christmas Child

RevelationMedia is excited to announce that you can now stream Christmas Child for FREE in this exclusive online event. This heartfelt Christmas film is based on Max Lucado's short story The Christmas Cross. This opportunity is only for a limited time, so click the link below, and watch Christmas Child today!
Feeling disconnected from his wife, and mourning the loss of his adoptive father, Jack finds himself at a crossroads. On assignment as a journalist in Dallas, Jack stumbles upon a mysterious photograph that draws him to Clearwater, Texas, the place where he was born. 

Fascinated by the town's carved life-sized nativity and the mysteries surrounding it, Jack uncovers secrets from his past, reunites with the family he never knew, and returns to the love who never left him. Gather your friends and family and be blessed by this story of love and hope this Christmas.

To watch the movie, click HERE.

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