Phil Wickham's Heartfelt Prayer for Christmas

Phil Wickham

Celebrated worship artist Phil Wickham is currently on a Christmas tour with Shane and Shane. The tour allows Wickhman not only to sing his favorrite Christmas hymns, but it also allows him to reflect deeply about the story of Jesus' birth. Wickham has taken the time to reflect upon his experiences.

Wickham writes, "One of my favorite things about this tour is how it forces me to reflect on this Christmas Story that I've heard my whole life. And every year, without fail, as I sing and reflect night after night my heart is opened wider to it all. The humility and love of God, the idea that God is with me in all things. That he wants me. That he understands the highs and lows of the human experience cause he walked through it all... and that's just scratching the surface."

For Wickham it is important to pray for our friends and ommunity this Christmas. "Saying a prayer for anyone who has read this far. Praying that the cynicism that religion can bring is swept out and replaced by the wonder of the reality that God came to earth. Praying that past memories that darken the mood of this season would be redeemed and covered by the love and beauty of this story we remember during this time.

Praying that as you give and receive gifts, meet with family, put up a tree, switch on lights and sing old carols, that the Spiritual significance and meaning of it all would be on the forefront of your heart and mind. Praying that You would see God provide in your lack, and that God would show you ways to be generous in your abundance. Much love friends!"


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