REVERE'S "Unscripted: Behold (King of Glory)" is A Raw & Fresh Expression of Worship


REVERE are releasing their brand new Integrity Music album Unscripted: Behold (King of Glory) this Friday (Jan 14). The new album comprises of new songs and revisited classics. Many of the new songs were written in the summer of 2021, when they had their songwriters' retreat which brought artists from the United States and South America to craft songs of intimacy and renewed devotion.  

Recorded live around a grand piano, the project's diverse collaboration and unified pursuit of God creates an inviting and inclusive collection of songs, drawing the listeners into an encounter with the Holy One. By stripping back all sense of production, entertainment and control, REVERE allows for a fresh overflow of worship that pursues the heart of this ritual: to give worth to and honour our God.  

The core of the album orbits around the title track 'Behold (King of Glory)', written by Sarah Kroger, Dwan Hill, Jessica Hitte and Addison Bevere. This song creates space to gaze on the beauty of the Lord and express His greatness, a wonderful reminder at the beginning of a new year. This new album stands out for its multilingual expression (Spanish, Portuguese, and English) as well as its powerful and yet gentle sound. With this new full-length album, REVERE seeks to inspire the Church to embrace her purpose of wholehearted, selfless, and boundary-breaking worship again. 

REVERE is an growing movement focussing on restoring the humble and honouring nature of worship. A generation ago, Christianity went through a massive shift. The formality of corporate worship gave way to 'intimacy', and we were forever changed. The ongoing work of the Spirit released us into a 'a spiritual intensity', but our ultimate longing has always been a weighty encounter in the presence of God that is less about our contribution and more about our surrender. REVERE is a musical journey from intimacy to intensity into the fear of the Lord, where we fall down and cry out: "Holy, holy, holyare you Lord Almighty." 

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