6 Things to Know About Switch's "Better View, Part II"


Switch will be releasing their upcoming album, Better View, Part II, out March 11th. Here are 6 things to know about them and their new album:

1. Switch is a collective of worship pastors from Life.Church focused on creating modern music that helps listeners connect with and engage in a relationship with Jesus. Following the success of its first EP, Symphony, Switch was named Billboard's 2019 Top New Christian Artist, and the title track "Symphony" earned Hot CHR Chart's No. 1 Song of the Year in 2019. The group released its debut full-length album, Symphony, in February 2020, and Better View, Part I dropped in the fall of 2021.  

2. "Letting Go" is the lead single off the album. The song guides the listener through a raw conversation with God, starting with hard questions and leading to the realization that God is loving and trustworthy. As one of the more worshipful songs on the upcoming album, its chorus sings: "Even with these questions I open up my hands / Come and wreck my plans / While I'm waiting I will worship I trust You're in control / Come and make me whole, I'm letting go."  

3. The songs found on the upcoming release of Better View, Part II bring a Top 40 sound with a 90's influence, bridging the gap between pop music and Christian lyrics. 

4. This is the group's hope for the record. "We wrote this album for anyone who is struggling with questions, but especially for the students and young adults who are part of our church," the members of Switch share. "They're the first generation that's growing up with exposure to unfiltered hardships across the world and social media comparison as a part of everyday life. We wrote these songs to help them navigate these difficulties with a faith perspective."   

5. Here's a listen to "Letting Go:"

6. Here's the album cover:


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