Anne Wilson Shares the Story Behind "Sunday Sermons"

Anne Wilson

Anne Wilson has just dropped her brand new song, "Sunday Sermons." This is the follow-up single to her debut No. 1 breakout hit, "My Jesus," which was the longest-running No. 1 song on the Billboard Christian Airplay Chart of 2021 for seven weeks total.

In "Sunday Sermons," Wilson recounts how the preached word has had an impact on her faith and her own life. She sings, "Every one of those Sunday sermons/Every time that choir would sing/I could hear my Savior calling, telling me how much He loves me/No matter what the world throws at me/I know His word is true/It all started with heart stirring, spirit moving Sunday Sermons." 

 "I'm so excited to share 'Sunday Sermons' with the world," shares Anne Wilson. "This is my story of growing up in the church since I was a little girl. God used every Sunday sermon to develop a firm foundation in Him. I didn't realize just how deep my roots were in Him from all those years of showing up to church each Sunday until I encountered hardships in my life.

No matter what happens in life - even losing a loved one, I can always go back to that foundation of truth that the Lord planted in me through each of those sermons. This song is to remind you to cling to the One who's consistent and faithful. Jesus loves you more than you could ever imagine." 

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