Members of Skillet Featured on The Spark's New Worship Album

The Spark

Skillet's lead vocalist John Cooper, drummer Jen Ledger, and Korey Cooper are all involved in The Spark's latest's worship album, Ascent (Live Recording). John can be heard singing the Spark's new song, "Awesome God." Skillet's drummer Jen Ledger is featured on "Never Let Go," and John's wife Korey Cooper co-produced the record.

"Had the privilege of worshipping with our church family led by The Spark, with features from John Cooper and Jen Ledger, and co-produced by Korey Cooper." Skillet posted on Facebook

Prior to establishing themselves as a band in 2008, the Spark was simply a small group of musicians and graduates of Living Light School of Worship filling a need for worship music within their local church in Kenosha, WI. Their songs were used for corporate worship both in their home church and city-wide worship nights for a collection of local youth groups.

By the grace of God, these anthems of praise had a deep and lasting impact on the community, rallying the youth of Kenosha and imparting a desire to encounter the Holy Spirit in worship. The Spark has since remained fully given to the local church though they have led worship for several cross-denominational events throughout the United States and have built a multiple album discography including their 2010 live album, 'Your Love Is Strong', 2012 studio EP, 'Shine Brightly', full-length 2015 studio release 'Burning Hearts', and acoustic-driven 2017 studio EP, 'The Calm'.

The Spark explores the depth of worship that is only possible when the Word of God is sought honestly and humbly. Every song shouts love, desire, and admiration of Jesus and invites the church to LOVE JESUS LOUD. Their commitment to declaring unwavering Truth according to His Word through genuine, Spirit-filled worship is birthed from their desire to ignite a passion for His glory and renown in the earth. A fire, after all, begins with a spark.



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