Dante Bowe Reveals He Has Been Molested & Growing Up Among Drug Dealers

Dante Bowe

Multi-platinum selling performer and award-winning songwriter Dante Bowe is arguably one of the successful Gospel artists now. He received three different Billboard Year End Charts. He is No. 9 overall for Top Gospel Artist, No. 4 for Top Male Gospel Artist, and No. 4 on Top New Christian Artists.

From the release of his deeply personal sophomore album, circles, via Bethel Music, to sold out performances, KLOVE Nominations, and multiple DOVE Award wins Dante's incredible year culminates with three GRAMMY Award nominations in the Best Gospel Performance/Song category, a record that no other artist has achieved since the field was created in 2015.  

However, in a recent interview with CBN, Bowe reveals that he had a traumatic past. At a young age, Bowe was molested. He reveals, "Me being molested at a young age, going through sexual abuse, and then having to navigate through my sexuality through that whole season. The Lord bringing me on the other side of that, even that is crazy in and of itself. Me and my grandmother just talked about it at the Dove Awards. I took my grandmother to the Dove Awards and we went to breakfast and she's like, 'Ya know,' she brought it up and we talked about it."

"There was a few times I did ask God, 'Why?' The trauma had already happened, so I was asking God why would you allow me to go through this? It's horrible. the aftermath is horrible. Obviously, the act is too, but the aftermath is even longer. I never really blamed Him though, because He was with me, He kind of helped me get through it."

Dante also reveals that his parents were drug dealers. "I didn't know they were drug dealers until about 12 years old. I think I just saw it and was like, what in the world? And they ended up stopping when I was 16 years old. I was going to church every Sunday. I ended up being saved. And my mom got saved when I was 16. We ended up reading the Bible together and she met Jesus when I was 16."

Bowe tells CBN News he's come recognize he's not the one in control of his life - it's all about God, "I found myself asking God all the time, 'Who am I?' Not even spiritually, a son I know, like I'm chosen, I'm called, predestined, but other than that, who am I practically to people? I don't think I know who I am or my impact. I don't understand my impact even up until the Grammys. It's just the Lord showing me, 'You're not in control, I'm in control and whatever you want for your life will happen.'"



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