Here Are the Lyrics & Video of Brooke Ligertwood's "Nineveh"

Brooke Ligertwood

GRAMMY® Award-winning songwriter, producer and critically-acclaimed artist Brooke Ligertwood releases the second single from her forthcoming album SEVEN. "Nineveh," a song based on the book of Jonah, is call forus to return to God in repentance. Written by Brooke and her husband Scott Ligertwood, "Nineveh" is the follow-up to Ligertwood's "A Thousand Hallelujahs."

After six mainstream albums with Sony Music under maiden name "Brooke Fraser" and in parallel, 17 years with Hillsong Worship, which she still currently leads globally, Ligertwood is combining her two decades of experience as an artist/producer and her passion for serving the church with her new solo offering under Capitol CMG (yes, in a happy twist this means her seventh solo album is indeed called SEVEN). 

Recorded live in Nashville, TN, "SEVEN" consists of entirely brand new worship songs written by Ligertwood and husband/longtime collaborator Scott, Jason Ingram (who co-produced the album with her), Pastor Steven Furtick, Brandon Lake, Phil Wickham and friends. It features a band composed of gifted musicians from the breadth of the modern worship movement (Hillsong, Bethel, Vineyard), a 30-piece choir, and a collection of stunning new prayer-soaked songs written and arranged in line with Ligertwood's singular vision with Jesus at the center. SEVEN is set for release on February 25th.   

Here are the lyrics:

Oh, Nineveh
The Lord is turning toward you
Compassion or calamity
Will you heed the warning

Fall on your knees
Tear down your idols
When you choose surrender
You choose survival

Call on His Name
Turn from your violence
Out of the ashes
He will revive You

God have mercy
God have mercy

I know You are a gracious God
I know You're slow to anger
But I misunderstood Your love
Forgive me, God for running

You sent a wind
Stirred up the ocean
Still, I rebelled
My heart wasn't open 

But when I prayed
You wеre there waiting
I madе a vow
To speak Your salvation

Oh, Nineveh
The Lord is turning toward you

Holy Spirit help me see
Where there is Nineveh in me
Turn away Your wrath once more
God have mercy

Perfect prophet, priest, and King
Christ became the reckoning
In His body, bore my sin
Now to all who trust in Him
God has mercy
God have mercy on us

Oh, Nineveh
The Lord is turning toward you 

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