New Film "The Greatest Inheritance" Explores Life's Most Important Treasure

The Greatest Inheritance

New family-friendly film The Greatest Inheritance will be available on digital and video on demand  on March 25. The film features Jeff Schroeder, Meredith Riley Stewart, Leticia Jimenez, Jaleel White, Cameron Kelly, and Mena Suvari. The Greatest Inheritance examines the question, what is the most important treasure in this life? 

The story revolves around four estranged siblings who embark on the scavenger hunt of a lifetime when they find out their mother's will is hidden on her property. The person who finds the will inherits the estate. Will the DuBose siblings continue to bicker or will their mom's plan to reunite them and focus their attention on their true inheritance in Heaven succeed? 

Through many twists and turns, plus their mom's unexpected "special rules," these siblings are reminded of the hope that guided their mother's life - the great inheritance of the Kingdom of Heaven. 

"The Greatest Inheritance is a film that everyone needs to see," says writer and producer Alexandra Boylan. "It is so important to be reminded of the final (just to not use great and greatest SO much) inheritance we will all receive in the Kingdom of Heaven. It puts everything else we experience on a daily basis into perspective." 

For more details on the film and to watch the trailer visit and follow them on Facebook and Instagram @thegreatestinheritance. 

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