Samsung Galaxy S6: Specs, Reviews And Rumors Of Samsung’s Next Galaxy Phone

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Samsung Galaxy S6: Specs, Reviews And Rumors Of Samsung's Next Galaxy Phone


It's barely a year since the Samsung galaxy S5 was released and now a few months later, there are already rumors about its next series the S6. It seems that we will never have time to catch a breather when it comes to Samsung. They have made sure that they keep us on our toes when it comes to their smart phone which I have to admit that it is a very good thing. This only shows that they are ready to give their fans more every year.  

The Samsung Galaxy S6 release rumors have made waves on the web and we can't help but wonder what this new phone has to offer. Now we are not sure when the phone will be released however, seeing how Samsung have become a creature of habit we do expect it to be released next year. We have seen how Samsung deals with its launches and we can almost be sure that it will be released next year. Nevertheless, if this happens we feel like Samsung fans will not have enough time to enjoy the new Galaxy S5 and upgrade to the S6.

As for the specs of the new S6 we still do not have an idea what this phone will bring with it. Samsung has not yet officially announced when they will be releasing the S6 so all we have are rumors and we suspect that they will use a Super AMOLED screen which will all know is Samsung's favored display technology as for its size is concerned it might be as large as a 5.5 inch.

We know that Samsung has been making Tizen products but we guess that they will stick with Android for the S6. As for performance we think that it will be powered by one of Qualcomm's 64 bit processor the L which has been announced and also scheduled to arrive inside devices in the first half of 2015.

Well with that said I guess we will all have to wait and see what Samsung has in store for us and we have no option but to wait for the new phone to arrive.


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