iBIBLE Translation Team's Building in Ukraine Bombed!


RevelationMedia's iBIBLE translation team's building that is based in Ukraine has been bombed. The engineer's home was also recently bombed, as you can see from the photo above. He managed to escape with his wife, three children, and his elderly mother. 

One of the translators wrote, "The amount of evil we've seen over the past three weeks compares to both WW1 and WW2. Over 4 million Ukrainians have become refugees. Russian soldiers have surrounded 300,000 people in the city of Mariupol for over two weeks. There's no water, gas, food, or heat in sub-freezing temperatures. Over 90% of the buildings have been demolished. My pastor friend's son died from dehydration yesterday."

All fifteen members of the iBIBLE translation team have been evacuated and relocated within the country. There is no telling if they will have to flee yet again. Nevertheless, they are still working on our iBIBLE transition and they are still trying to meet the deadline. These families, like so many others in Ukraine, have lost everything, are without a steady income, and live in an extremely uncertain time. We pray for God's blessing and protection upon them. 

iBIBLE will revolutionize how people all over the world can engage with God's Word. When completed, iBIBLE will include the entire Biblical narrative from Genesis to the final Revelation as one cohesive story, revealing God's plan to redeem and restore mankind. It will be FREE to translate into any of the world's 7,000+ living languages and be made freely available on any one of over 5 billion smartphones around the world.

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