Socialmatic makes Polaroid hip again


The beloved Polaroid camera has crossed over to the age of Instagram with the soon to be released Socialmatic, out in the market by October 2014.

Old school Polaroid cameras printed pictures instantly, but users are not able to edit or select images they wanted to print. There are no second chances. Socialmatic also has this feature, but with a twist: instant filters and a built-in printer allow users to enhance and select images to be printed. 

Photos 2"x3" in size are printed on ink-free paper with the Socialmatic's ZINK® Zero Ink® printing technology. Images are smudge-proof and water resistant.

Android-based, the GPS, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth-capable Socialmatic allows users to connect the camera to popular social media platforms such as Facebook and Instagram so that images can be posted and shared in real time.  

Mood AssistantTM helps users find new social media followers with the help of a personal QR code. It even has icons to show various moods while taking photos.

Other impressive features include a 14 megapixel front and 2 megapixel rear camera, a 4.5" LCD touchscreen display, 4GB storage, and stereo speakers.



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