Bobbie Houston On Being Fired by Hillsong Church & Her Husband's Scandals

Bobbie Houston

Together with her husband Brian Houston, Bobbie Houston has been the founder and Global Senior Pastor of Hillsong Church since 1983. She is also an author and the founder the annual women's Color Conference. But she was made redundant by the megachurch after Pastor Brian stepped down as the senior pastor last month. 

For the first time after being fired, Pastor Bobbie shares: "I'm okay believe it or not. Actually `more than okay,' although a little winded, but I know how to take breath in God. We've lived in the trenches for decades and it seems, we continue to do so.

"I'm still standing. Fully aware and fully awake. Still desperately in love with JESUS, His beautiful Body of Christ, Church and Bride He is returning for one day. For the first time since 15, I am not found in the House, but trust me, the House is still found in me. Welcome Home still matters, as does His Salvation that is still knocking on the door of countless seeking hearts. For them allow me to say ... JESUS is still who he is - the glorious Son of God, Kind, Gracious, Merciful, Loving, Redemptive. A Bright and Morning Star if you have eyes to see."

As for the allegations about her husband's inappropriate behaviours towards two women, Bobbie chooses to stand by her man.  "I have utmost respect and honor for my husband. Utmost. I might get judged or slandered for that - but those taunts I really don't care about. I care more about the Vineyard of His Love and those He desperately cares for, for those He is yet beckoning."

Nevertheless, Bobbie is filled with gratitude to members of Hillsong Church for their support across the years. "Deeply grateful for the good, good people that we've done life with these 39 yrs. I've had a beautiful post saved for maybe two weeks or more - but just didn't feel release to share. And even now, I don't and maybe won't ever. JUST HERE TO SAY THANKYOU to those I haven't gotten to reply to." 

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