Bryan & Katie Torwalt Open Up About their Upcoming Live Album

Bryan and Katie Torwalt

Worship leaders Bryan & Katie Torwalt will be releasing their first live albim I've got good news on May 20th. To give us a preview of the new record, the Torwalts have dropped the album's lead single "Good News." 

The songwriting for the new album did not come easily, the couple explain, "The songwriting didn't flow like we thought it would at first when the world shut down in 2020. A lot of time was spent listening and keeping ourselves quiet to wait for a word from God. A lot of things were flipped on their heads. The kingdoms of this world our not the Kingdom of our God even if subconsciously they can become our reference point. When we finally quieted long enough our first song came out of the pages of the gospels. And they kept on coming."

The songs seek to uncover for us who Jesus really is. The Torwalts continue, "Wouldn't it be like Jesus of the Bible, to be different than we framed our small understanding of Him around. Stripped bare of all the glamour of the modern day church. When all the lights go out and the church doors close like they did in 2020, who Is Jesus to us.

"We noticed the people closest to Jesus missed him plenty of times too. He started by somehow fulfilling every prophesy of His coming, yet was simultaneously a helpless baby. His greatest Victory and `battle strategy' was His death. He freaked his disciples out by walking on water and even asked Peter to walk out too. They were convinced He was a Ghost at first. Even Mary thought he was maybe the gardener after seeing Jesus wasn't in His tomb and was immersed in her own grief. He asked her again `Mary who are you looking for?'. Her realization that Jesus was before her, that His plan was beyond her understanding,

"It was humble, upside down and backwards and somehow simple. Relief swept over her. She had Good news. She had to tell everyone."

Bryan and Katie Torwalt met in 2006 at the Bethel School of Supernatural Worship in Redding, CA. Bryan is from Canada and Katie a Californian. They both led worship separately while dating long distance for 2 1/2 years, Bryan in Canada and Katie at Bethel Church. They got married in 2009 and became worship pastors together in Fresno, CA.

The experience of their worship together is a powerful and unique mixture of their anointing and history with God. They live to see the earth transform to Heaven's likeness and for this generation to encounter the real Jesus. They believe that in God's presence, sickness is healed, prisoners are set free, and minds are restored.

Their songs carry hope and life that flow out of every note and lyric. Songs of thankfulness and praise reflect the spirit of their ministry together, and their anthems of prophetic declaration release the heart of revival. 

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