Rachel-Ruth Lotz Wright, Billy Graham's Granddaughter, Continues to Experience Heart Problems

Rachel-Ruth Lotz Wright

On Easter Sunday, Rachel-Ruth Lotz Wright, the granddaughter of the late Billy Graham and daughter of Ann Graham Lotz, was admitted to the hospital due to suffering heart inflammation. She was released from the hospital on Tuesday, two days later.

Ann Graham Lotz reveals, "Rachel-Ruth and I finished on Friday a week of video taping at my fathers house for our new Jesus Followers Bible study. Saturday night she had such severe heart pain she was rushed by EMS to the hospital in Asheville-where she still is on this Easter Sunday."

Both Rachel-Ruth and her mother shared an update on Tuesday, testifying that God "answered prayers." Rachel-Ruth had inflammation on her heart and although the ordeal was "hard," she declared that God "took care of every step."

Earlier this year, on January 11, Rachel-Ruth had been rushed to the hospital after suffering a heart attack after having a heart catheterization. She had a second heart attack the next day, followed by another catheterization. In February, she had registered for cardiac rehabilitation.

Graham Lotz concludes with an appeal for prayers. "Please pray with us for God once again to strengthen and settle Rachel-Ruth's heart, release her pain, and continue to give her breath. We are so eternally grateful that Jesus is alive and He is with us. He has risen from the dead! Just as He said! Hallelujah!" 

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