Brandon Heath Opens Up Regarding New Album: "It's a Real Weakness for Me"

Brandon Heath

Eight-time Dove Award-winning Brandon Heath has just released his first full-length, Centricity Music album, Enough Already. The album features the No. 7 and climbing AC Indicator Billboard radio hit, "See Me Through It," and eight more tracks that find Heath addressing faith-shaping questions and collaborating with multiple producers and songwriters.  

This is the first time Heath has a released a record with Centricity Music. He shares, "It's also my first album with Centricity Music, home of Lauren Daigle, NEEDTOBREATHE, Jordan Feliz, Andrew Peterson, and a lot of fellow artists who are breaking the mold in Christian Music. It's an exciting place and time to be making music when the world is hurting and searching for hope."

Heath continues to talk about the songs. "These songs talk about my journey through pain and healing and a feeling of not being `enough.' God says, I'm `enough already.' So that's what I'm calling this new collection of songs. Enough Already. We're not God's problem, we are God's children. 1 John 3:1 tells us who we are. `Give Me Your Eyes' has taken on new meaning for me. God, give me your eyes so I can see myself the way you see me. I hope these songs do the same for you."  

The new album also exposes the singer's hidden insecurities, like his ever-present struggle with feeling like he never quite measures up.

"It's a real weakness for me, but I also realize there's a lot of people out there who can relate to that. So I decided to kind of allow it to have more space in my life and to let it affect my songwriting," Heath shares. "This has been a season of me rediscovering what I mean to God, and it has really just given me a lot of peace and a sense of belonging."

This hard-won realization emboldens the title-cut that holds a lighthearted double meaning. "I don't need anything or anyone else to tell me what I'm worth. God has already defined my worth. He already calls me son. He already recognizes me as redeemed," Heath contends. "There's really nothing in this world that could give me more meaning and purpose than what God already gives me."

"Things are crazy," Heath concedes, "but it's not the time to lose our head, throw up our hands and dig ourselves into a hole. It's time to love our neighbor. That's what God has called us to do - to love and see our neighbor, because I know they're scared like I am. So I'm trying to be more in tune with the people around me and just find ways to say, 'Hey, we're loved. We're not alone.'" 

Signed last year to both Centricity Music and Centricity Publishing, all the latest Brandon Heath music, tour and more news, can be found at: www.brandonheathmusic.comSpotifyFacebookInstagramYouTube and Twitter


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