The Ball Brothers Bring Food & Song to War-Torn Ukraine

Ball Brothers

The Ball Brothers were recently in Ukraine, where they brought much-needed food supplies to more than 100 displaced citizens. They worked with Revival Baptist Church in Vizhnitsa, Ukraine in helping the church purchase and pack fresh produce, canned goods, flour, beans, rice, sugar, coffee and tea before traveling to Vizhnitsa in two cargo vans.  

The Ball Brothers also provided special music for the church's Orthodox Easter Sunday service. 

"We went to Ukraine because we were invited by a local pastor who needed help housing and feeding more than 100 people," said Daniel Ball. "We wanted to use the influence we have been given to help shine a light on some of the specific needs many Ukrainians have right now, as most of those who have been displaced from their homes haven't left the country.

"After we arrived at the church, we helped hand out the supplies and had a chance to pray with many who were staying there. We then asked what else we could do for them. They began bringing us photos of their missing family members and a paper with handwritten names and numbers. I will never forget that." 

"My first mission trip was to Romania nearly 26 years ago," said Andrew Ball. "Initially we had talked of returning to Romania to help Ukrainian refugees there, but the plan changed when we were contacted by those with needs on the southwestern side of Ukraine. We felt God was leading us to go and we couldn't say no.

"Besides hearing testimonies of many of the refugees' escapes, we shared another experience I'll always remember. When we were able to sing for the church, most of those listening could not understand us. However, through an interpreter after the service, several Ukrainians told us that they could feel every note and every single word in their heart while we sang."

Andrew and Daniel Ball first traveled to Romania in 1996, helping to deliver supplies to missionaries and orphanages. Since then, the brothers have returned to Romania five times, working with local churches, missionaries and NGOs.  

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