Graham Kendrick Joins the 50th Anniversary Celebrations of Prom Praise at the Royal Albert Hall

Graham Kendrick

Worship music Graham Kendrick will be joining the All Souls Orchestra at the Royal Albert Hall on May 14th for Prom Praise. This event is a blend of sacred and concert music, a unique and joyful fusion of performance with worship, combining the spirit of Songs of Praise with the enthusiasm of the world-famous Last Night of the Proms.

Joining Kenderick will be Keith and Kristyn Getty, Lucy Grimble, Royal Opera House soprano Sarah Jane Lewis, concert pianist Maria Marchant playing Gershwin's beloved Rhapsody in Blue, and conductor emeritus Noël Tredinnick. Charlie Skrine, All Souls new rector, will bring a message of God's faithfulness through the storms of life.

Ticket details are here: 

Kenderick has recently released a special video of the song "The Darkness (feat. Lurine Cato)," which was filmed by TBN UK as part of their programme celebration 50 Years of Graham Kendrick. 

If you missed the broadcast you can watch it now here:

The Darkness from the Where it Began EP is available now on Spotify, iTunes, Amazon and all the usual streaming and download platforms. 


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